Aletha Thomas, a former schoolteacher, launched Monkeypod Jam in 2010, when she was placed on furlough. Each furlough Friday, Aletha would pull out her French copper pot and make jams and jellies using seasonal Kauai fruit. With each batch, she was preserving the season’s harvest while also preserving childhood memories of her mother, who she remembers canning for the family’s winter provisions. In November of 2015, Monkeypod Jam proudly opened the doors of their first retail location on Kauai’s South Shore. Visitors and locals may now enjoy bakery style breakfasts and lunches highlighting the unique preserves created in the Monkeypod Jam kitchen. In March of 2016, Culinary Workshops were added to the shop’s offerings. Each workshop is created and lead by either a Monkeypod Jam or guest chef.


Bakery, Cafe