Kauai’s Department of Water operates 9 separate, unconnected water systems spread out along our island from Kekaha to Haena.

The Department of Water monitors, operates, and maintains deepwell pumping stations, booster pumping stations along with its associated electrical motor control centers and chlorination disinfection equipment, tunnel sources, storage tanks, control valve stations, and over 400+ miles of pipeline to approximately 21,000 consumer water service connections and meters.

All functions necessary to collect, treat, and distribute potable water from the source to the tap are performed by the Department’s staff, as well as most support functions, including accounting, billing, customer service, engineering, planning and procurement. The Department operates as a semi-autonomous enterprise department of the County of Kauai, under the direction of the Board of Water Supply. The Department derives all of its revenue from water sales with no direct subsidy from, or contributions to the County General Fund.

Kauai Department of Water

Kauai Department of Water is dedicated to meeting and satisfying the water needs of the Kauai community. Please do your part by using our precious drinking water wisely.