Shave Ice: A new twist on an old favorite

Kauai Food truck: The Fresh Shave Shave Ice truck on Kauai

With summer in full swing, Kauai businesses are not only gearing up for the arrival of the many tourists that will be visiting our shores, but also the summer heat.  Aside from jumping into the cool waters of Poipu Beach, we love to beat the heat with one of Hawaii’s favorite treats: Shave Ice. And we’d like to introduce The Fresh Shave to the Poipu Family!

Serving up a fresh take on Kauai shave ice, The Fresh Shave is a family-owned and operated business ran out of a vintage Aristocrat trailer. As parents of two children who love shave ice, Priscilla and Daniel wanted to offer shave ice without high fructose corn syrup, dyes, or artificial sweeteners.  By using all-natural, local, and organic ingredients, they’ve accomplished the best of both worlds—fresh fruit shave ice that tastes amazing! And boy is it!  You can often see a line outside their vintage trailer as people hope that their favorite shave ice flavor hasn’t sold out.

Shave ice flavors from The Fresh Shave Kauai

The Shave Ice Flavors

The Whiskers- SWEET + MINT + LIME – Mint infused lime with a hint of lime
The Lip Luggage- CHAI TEA + CREAM – Chai tea blend with sweet cream
The Chevron- COCONUT + LIME – Topped with sweet coconut and chia seed cream
The Caterpillar- ORANGE + CREAMSICLE – Topped with oranges and sweet cream
The Fu Man Chu- STRAWBERRY + BANANA + CREAM – Topped with fresh strawberry puree and apple bananas
The Professor- BERRIES + ACAI – Topped with blessed bee Kauai honey, apple bananas, and shredded coconut
The Dirt Squirrel- COLD BREW COFFEE + CREAM + SUGAR – Ha Coffee Bar premium cold brew


Trust us, you’ll want to add this stop to your itinerary!  For more information, you can visit The Fresh Shave on Instagram or their business page.