South Shore Sunset Spots

Kaua`i is known for the most spectacular sunset shows around. There are so many elements that enhance this one to two-hour beauty. The light reflects on the water, surfers create figurines, and birds bask in the sky of ever-changing hues. The most beautiful color palettes are exposed, making you want to swim in the sky and soak up all the magic. Mother Nature knows how to impress her guests on this island, and locals never tire of this incredible sight. You can watch the sunset from anywhere on the island for a new view, but no matter where you watch it from, they are different every single night as different weather circumstances influence their patterns. So much fun comes from the surprise and they are always a sight for sore eyes. We’ve gathered some of our favorite spots to watch the sunset on the South Shore and highly recommend visiting any or all of them!

  1. Poipu Beach Park – Set up a spot on the grass or the sand while watching the sun paint the peaceful waters as colors reflect and earth elements intermix one another. Picnic tables are available along the grass as well if you decide to have dinner with the show.

2. Prince Kuhio Lawn (“PK’s”) / The Beach House Restaurant – This spot is always a winner. Surfers are catching waves, crystal clear water awaits for an optional golden hour snorkel, and Beach House restaurant has views front and center if you are interested in watching the sunset with a mai tai in hand… 

3. Ho`onani Road at ‘The Wall’ – As you drive down Ho`onani Road, there is a long wall along the coastline. It serves as a perfect bench to watch the sunset with friends. Bringing snacks and beverages make it a very beautiful, easy-going happy hour.

4. . The Club at Kukui`ula Lawn and Lanai – As a Lodge Guest at Kukui`ula, you are able to experience all amenities within the Club at Kukui`ula. The expansive view from the lawn and outdoor patio showcases Spouting Horn and Kukui`ula Harbor beautifully. Check their website for available bookings. 

written by Lucy Wilson