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The Makauwahi Cave in Poipu

The Makauwahi Cave

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Among Poipu’s glorious beaches, award-winning golf, and numerous rainforest adventures is a hidden wonder that dates back to pre-contact Kauai….

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Hike to Kalalau Valley and Hanakapiai falls Kauai Hawaii

Kauai’s Magnificent Na Pali Coast

  Put the spectacular Na Pali Coast on your “must do” list when planning your Kauai vacation. No visit to…

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How to Make the Most of Your Visit to Kokee State Park

Kokee State Park on the west side is one of Kauai’s most scenic drives, with thousands of people flocking to…

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Stacking rocks at hanakapiai beach on Kauai is not ok

10 Things to do and not do on Kauai

Kauai is known for its simple and laid back lifestyle with less emphasis on being on time and more emphasis…

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Awapuhi ginger shampoo flower Kauai

Kauai’s natural beauty products

If you ever want to know the secret to maintaining youthful beauty and health, just incorporate the ancient traditions of…

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Hanapepe Art Night Kauai Hawaii

Art nights around Kauai

Starting with Kauai’s biggest little town of Hanapepe, art nights have popped up and begun to flourish all over Kauai. …

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Hawaiian hibiscus flower

Hawaii’s Most Popular Flowers & How To Wear Them

The tropical islands of Hawaii are known for playing host to some of the world’s most beautiful flowers. From the…

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Sattelite imagery of the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii Hurricane Season

Most people don’t associate Hawai’i with having severe weather occurrences, albeit hurricanes. In fact, one of the very reasons many…

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Koa Kea pool and spa

The Best Resort Hotels in Hawaii

We all know Poipu is a pretty magical place.  What gets us really excited is when outside magazines, journalists, and…

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Sunset Ho'olaule'a 2016

Sunset Ho’olaule’a

Sunset Ho‘olaulea at Poipu Beach Athletic Club, FREE concert, 5-8:30pm.  Join us for the revival of this Koloa Plantation Days…

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